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Missing one or more teeth can make a big difference in your life, impacting your ability to chew your food and smile with confidence. Removable dentures can often correct missing teeth, particularly in cases where several are missing. At Red Bud Dental in Round Rock, Texas, Dr. Lisa Ochoa provides comprehensive restorative services, including complete and partial removable dentures, to patients living in the greater Austin metropolitan area.

Dentures / Partial Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances used to replace missing teeth. They’re often the best option for patients who have lost all of their teeth either from gum disease, severe tooth decay, or a traumatic injury. Although there are fixed dentures that can only be removed by a dentist, most dentures are designed to be removed for daily at-home cleanings. There are three main types of dentures:

Immediate dentures — This type of denture is typically done at least 6 months before a patient receives a complete denture.

Complete dentures — Also referred to as conventional dentures, this appliance replaces a complete set of top teeth, bottom teeth, or both. You can only wear complete dentures once you get any remaining teeth removed and gum tissues have healed.

Partial dentures — This type of denture is typically used to replace a group of teeth scattered across the upper or lower jaw. Partial dentures attach to your natural teeth and help them stay in place.

Overdenture — This complete, removable denture fits over dental implants that are placed in the jawbone. Because they can’t slip out of place, overdentures are more stable than conventional dentures.    

Are dentures right for me?

The technology used to make custom dentures is highly flexible and can treat a wide variety of problems related to missing teeth. If you’re missing one tooth, but you aren’t a suitable candidate for implants, either because you have an insufficient jaw bone or you can’t undergo implant surgery, dentures may be the best solution. Like implants, bridges, and other restorative solutions, dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth and are incredibly durable.

If you’re missing one or more teeth, Dr. Ochoa can explain your restoration options after a comprehensive exam. Whether you’re a suitable candidate for dentures or something else, she’ll tell you what you can expect from all viable treatment options so you can make the best choice.

How do I care for my dentures?

Just like your natural teeth, your dentures should be brushed daily to remove food particles, prevent plaque buildup, and to keep them from staining. Always rinse your dentures before brushing them to remove any loose food. To avoid scratching them, use a soft-bristled brush, and a non-abrasive paste specifically made for dentures to gently clean every surface. When you aren’t wearing your dentures, remember to keep them in a soaking solution or water, as dentures that aren’t kept moist can lose their shape.